Ghost Show


Quite a few people have been writing to us saying they missed live theatre and asking how they can support NDT.

Solving two problems at once, we’ve come up with Ghost Play. A show that doesn’t really exist, that you can buy a ticket for, and all the money will be donated to the work we do with artists and in our community when we return in 2021. We promise we will return and not just run off with the donations. 

We can’t stress this enough though: this show does not exist. Please don’t turn up for it. Nobody will be at the theatre. Or worse, some theatre company will hijack this and do an unauthorised performance.

And there’s nothing worse, or more potentially lethal, than unauthorised devised theatre. 

Don't worry, this production has received no project support from Arts Council England or any other funder. We wouldn't want to drag any of them into this mess and we’d have nothing to report back on anyway.

Quotes & Reviews


"If you’ve missed going to New Diorama during the pandemic, there’s never been a better opportunity to miss it some more." Kate Wyver

"...and when I asked for a refund, someone threw a watering can at me." Lyn Gardner

"... it slowly dawned on me that I had to scrape together 300 words somehow." Fergus Morgan

"I regret having done my shows of 2020 already for The Stage, because I would have actively excluded this late addition." Natasha Tripney

"The Sixth Sense meets fundraising in the crossover event no one was asking for." Alex Wood

The Company


Founded on haunted swamp land, New Diorama Theatre is a pioneering venue in the heart of London dedicated to providing a home for theatre ensembles. Opened by a rusty set of keys and the late Baroness Virginia Bottemley (alive, but never on time), its staff enjoy long walks on the beach, touching in and out with Oyster and converting food into chemical energy.

While the staff may appear friendly on your visit, please don't feed or encourage them. 

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