Taking Flight

Red Dragonfly Productions, are proud to present: an evening of 'Three New Plays, by Thee New Writers' 

Six months ago Red Dragonfly launched Taking Flight: a competition aimed at finding three new short plays from writers within the British East Asian, South Asian, and South East Asian communities, and from the many entries the Red Dragonfly team chose three plays to be taken through to final production in a unique evening of theatre.

The selected plays are:

Khon by Michael Phong Le

The Vietnamese have a word for bending the rules... it's called 'khon' – but Kevin is far more British than Vietnamese, and he has never really been any good at being khon, so when the Police come knocking at the door...


Clarissa By Lekha Desai Morrison

Jasmine is getting married and this weekend she is entertaining her prospective mother-in-law for the first time, but she fears her favourite spicy sambhar won't impress the middle-class palette of the notorious Clarissa Cartwright. But while she is worrying over whether she is a Jamie person or a Heston person Clarissa shows up on her doorstep with a disturbing request.


Taylor Swift's Dog by Samuel Daram

Yazmina wants to become a writer and Jia is a literary agent on the lookout for the next big thing, but just who is going to be the new JK Rowling? And what has Taylor Swift's Dog got to do with it? An insightful satire into the politics and prejudices of publishing.

This project is supported by funding from Arts Council England.


Red Dragonfly Productions brings classic and modern stories from the East to the British and European Stage, encouraging new writing and new ideas.  It is currently undertaking a three-year programme that will see productions of The Autumn of Han, DiaoChan: The Rise of the Courtesan, and Monkey: Journey to the West.

These three exciting new family-friendly short plays are the culmination of Red Dragonfly's nationwide search to find new and emerging writers from Britain's East Asian, South Asian and South-East Asian communities, bringing three stunning new stories to the stage – stories that could only have been made in Britain… 



Michael Phong-Le
Michael is a London-based actor, filmmaker and writer. Since graduating from the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire in 2014, Michael has acted on screen for the BBC, ITV and Sky, and his theatre credits include The Autumn of Han for Red Dragonfly Productions as well as appearing in last year's Taking Flight festival. This year Michael is branching out into writing and ‘Khon’ is his first theatre commission. 

Lekha Desai Morrison
Lekha was born in Africa to Gujrati – Indian parents, has lived in India and grew up in Coventry. She now lives in Oxford with her English husband and three daughters. Lekha has written for Radio 4 and has had success in playwriting festivals. While Lekha writes in English she still does her mental arithmetic in Gujrati. 

Samuel Daram
Samuel escaped to Britain from the Sri Lankan civil war when he was twelve-years-old.  Since his teens, he worked in factories and supermarkets to finance his writing apprenticeship. He won Spain's Rocaberti Scholarship that gave him mentors in Hollywood and U.S publishing. He was a 2016 Academy Nicholl Quarter Finalist in screenwriting. His first novel won the Sarah Quinn Scholarship in novel writing at Curtis Brown Creative.


★★★★ "A sharp and engaging collection of relatable and moving stories from new writers" Everything Theatre on Taking Flight Festival 2017

"Three distinct and diverse stories presenting an eclectic mix of British voices" Live Theatre UK on Taking Flight Festival 2017

★★★★★ ‘Beautifully realised, captivating piece of theatre. Don’t miss it.’ LondonTheatre1 on DiaoChan