St*pid F*cking K*ds

Young people used to be something we were proud of, bright young things packed full of ambition... they were the future and we wanted them to flourish, but look at them now; porn addicts and voteless Corbinites the lot of them, desperate to prove their worth, but too lazy to put the effort in to succeed.

It’s time we said it, young people are rubbish now. It’s in the Daily Mail so it must be true.
Two young people from the multi award nominated People You May Know set out to ask a few questions about what it is that irritates society so much about adolescents, and what they can do to help!
A new play by award-winning playwright Josh Overton. Directed by Rob Salmon

This production is supported by The New Diorama Theatre Emerging Companies Fund. 


People You May Know is the New Wolsey Theatre’s training company for Young Theatre Makers wanting to produce their own work for a professional platform. 

The work is made by young people for young people, with mentoring from Associate Director Rob Salmon, and access to support and resources from the wider team of professionals at the New Wolsey, and beyond.

The company has produced 4 works since it launched in 2012 - Party Piece, Frequently Asked Questions: a 10 step guide to adult life by teenagers, Births, Deaths & Marriages, and The Goldilocks Principle. The company has performed all over the UK, including appearances at the Hourglass Festival at Battersea Arts Centre, Incoming Festival at New Diorama, at Birmingham Rep, Liverpool Everyman & Playhouse, and twice at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe where they were nominated for the Stage Acting Excellence Award Best Ensemble, the Total Theatre Emerging Company/Artist Award, and twice for the Holden Street Theatres Adelaide Fringe bursary.

St*pid F*cking K*ds has been developed with the company and written by Sunday Times Playwriting Award winner Josh Overton. Josh is a former New Wolsey Young Company member, whose many successes they’ve followed with his own Hull based company the Pub Corner Poets.


“A supremely high octane piece of pure theatre…” The Stage on 'Party Piece'
★★★★★ “Party Piece is a phenomenal all-round theatrical experience…”  British Theatre Guide 
"Genuine, energised, fresh curiosity about both theatre-making and the world" Exeunt Magazine on ‘Frequently Asked Questions'
★★★★ “This is a production I recommend you go out of your way to see…” A Younger Theatre on ‘Births, Deaths & Marriages’
★★★★ “It is a gripping concept… brutally frank and exposing performance, filled with humour, self-deprecation, honesty and no small dose of charm…” The Reviews Hub on ‘The Goldilocks Principle