States of Emergency

Nationalism is on the rise across the world. From Trump to Brexit, Wilders to LePen, where we come from, who’s included, and who’s excluded, is becoming more and more important politically.

This St George’s Day, Right Mess is inviting artists, writers and performers to look at what our sense of identity and belonging means in an age of rising nationalism. How much are we defined by the places we come from? And how does that identity interact with politics?

Featuring new writing and performances by 

Christopher Adams
Megan Nolan
Milly Thomas
Segen Yosef
and The New Horizon Drama Group

£5 of all ticket proceeds raised will go to directly to New Horizon Youth Centre.

With special thanks to the Diorama Arts Centre. 

This project is supported by The Regent's Place Community Fund, The Evening Standard Dispossessed Fund and British Land. 



Right Mess believe in hearing as wide a range of voices as possible, and we believe politically engaged theatre needs to listen as well as preach. To that end, we bring together artists with charities, experts and those with personal experience to make work that addresses the problems we face as a society.


New Horizon Youth Centre is a day centre working with young people who are vulnerable, homeless or at risk, providing unique, holistic support to help them create positive futures.