Speaking Bodies

All I want is to be who I am
And unafraid.
But is anyone listening?

This performance piece, combining dance, text and live music, questions our ability to listen, and challenges preconceptions of how we perceive ourselves and those around us.

It emphasizes the importance of forging human ties, be this verbal or non-verbal.

Speaking Bodies seeks to inspire a culture of dialogue between all people. 
Bodies speak - are you listening?

 A new work by Esther Huss in collaboration with scriptwriter A.C. Smith and composer David Sutton-Anderson


Dandelion Collective is an inclusive platform, aiming to empower the individual and encourage an inclusive society through the means of dance. 

It consists of adults with and without a learning difficulty and/ or disability, professionals and non-professionals. Based in North London, Islington.

Dandelion Collective was co-founded in March 2013 by Esther Huss and Cristina Garcia, and is now under the direction of Esther Huss.

The company has previously performed at Sadlers Wells Lillian Baylliss Studio (2016), Islington Town Hall (2013-2015), and New Diorama Theatre (2014, 2015, 2016).



"This was a fine example of the empowering and equalising qualities of dance”
 Fergus Early, OBE, Artistic Director Green Candle Dance Company