Is there really no such thing as bad publicity?
Let’s find out...

It feels like the ones who irritate us the most are the ones we talk about, no matter how shocking they get.

So Uncanny Theatre have decided to beat them at their
own game and have a go at being famous for a change.
With your help, we can stir up enough mayhem on Twitter
during the show to finally be a big deal; then maybe we
can make things a bit better.

What goes into the most controversial show of all time is decided by you in this audacious game of attention
seeking. It’s silly, topical and playful...

...until suddenly it isn’t.

Part of INCOMING Festival, a co-production between A Younger Theatre and New Diorama Theatre in association with HOME.


Uncanny Theatre is the creative partnership of Matt Rogers and Natalie Bellingham. They make comedy theatre that is playfully absurd, visually arresting and gloriously low-tech. They’re interested in the anomalies of everyday life and pushing logic to its limit. At the heart of it all, they are not scared to be silly with big ideas.  


“By the end of the show, I had absolutely fallen in love with all of the characters. I left feeling more alive than I had in a while.” North West End on Something Terrible Might Happen

"While the intimate style of involvement provokes an adrenaline rush, there’s more than just the fear factor to this show. It’s also very funny. The performers coax us into ever more unusual tasks… It’s like being tickled, uncomfortable yet hilarious." The Reviews Hubon Something Terrible Might Happen

Twitter: @uncannytheatre


INCOMING is a festival celebrating the best emerging theatre companies from across the UK, co-curated by A Younger Theatre and New Diorama Theatre. Across 10 days INCOMING showcases 20 companies as well as a series of workshops and discussions. And this year we are delighted to be partnering with HOME in Manchester, to present the festival across the two cities. 

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INCOMING Festival is supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England and New Diorama Theatre's Emerging Companies Fund.