Nothing is Coming, the Pixels are Huge

What makes a life? Looking back at the future, five people wade through thousands of lives. 

Remembering a time when vertical farms were abundant and iris transplants were on trend. It is set in the future. It is happening now. It is witty, it is unsettling, it is bleakly human. This is every time I left. This is every time I stayed. This is every cup of tea I’ve made. This is everyone I ever loved.

A technological spectacle about how we don’t know how to deal with the world we are building. Nothing is Coming, the Pixels are Huge.

Part of INCOMING Festival, a co-production between A Younger Theatre and New Diorama Theatre. 


Theatre 42 is a collaboration of five artists, working together to respond to the rapidly changing world they’ve found themselves in. They make work that is bleak in content but sugar coated in game-like visuals. And damn, it ain’t half pretty.

"Beyond the cutting edge to the thinnest part of the blade... in short, it was fucking sensational" Noises Off

Winner of the NSDF Judges Award (Design) 2017 / @theatre_42


INCOMING is a festival celebrating the best emerging theatre companies from across the UK, co-curated by A Younger Theatre and New Diorama Theatre. Across 10 days INCOMING showcases 19 companies as well as a series of workshops and discussions. / @IncomingFest / #IncomingFestival

INCOMING Festival is supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England and New Diorama Theatre's Emerging Companies Fund.