Engine Brake

A story connecting two countries, two cities, and two people, told through shifting up the gears of our relationship with the car over decades and across continents.

It's a way of getting from A to B and everything in between: a status symbol, a whole livelihood, a member of the family.

A multi-national cast share the driving on an epic road-trip of a show about England and India, pedal to the metal through ideas of progress and growth. Original music mixing East and West joins a symphony of car horns and jingles as they sing along, stuck in traffic. A billboard looming above the gridlock shows an SUV gliding around the bends of an empty and endless mountain highway.

'The Relentless Pursuit of Perfection... Motion and Emotion... Don't Dream It, Drive It...'

Engine Brake is the latest model from the makers of Keepers and There Shall Be Fireworks.

This production is supported by the New Diorama Emerging Companies Fund. 


The Plasticine Men are South West based theatre-makers, Simon Day and Martin Bonger. Working closely with brilliant artists from a range of disciplines, they search for stories together that beg to be told onstage, crafting shows of heart and consequence that get under the skin.

@plasticinemen / www.theplasticinemen.co.uk


“a beautifully crafted piece of no-frills physical theatre” The Guardian on Keepers

★★★★ “Vivid, bold and engaging… an intense and vibrant piece of modern theatre” Stagetalk on There Shall be Fireworks 

“Totally reinforces your faith in the magic of theatre” British Theatre Guide on Keepers