'Let's all celebrate and have a good time’ - Kool and the Gang

The world’s been getting us down lately. It feels like everything is slowly unravelling, a ball of string hurtling down a hill in painful slow-motion, everyone clutching the frayed end of the roll as if that were helping. The future is murky and uncertain.
Amidst global crises and 24-hour rolling news, we’re taking Kool and the Gang’s advice. Part-theatre, part-dance party, part-funeral, CELEBRATION aims to give anyone who can’t quite believe the world they live in, something to believe in.

This production is supported by the New Diorama Emerging Companies Fund. 


Emergency Chorus is a collaboration between Ben Kulvichit and Clara Potter-Sweet. We make live performance which engages with the contemporary moment with energy and playfulness. We often try to do things we’re not very good at. We like loud music, costume changes and getting sweaty. CELEBRATION is our debut show.

WINNERS! Sunday Times Playwriting Award 2017
WINNERS! NSDF Festgoer's Award 2017
WINNERS! Freckle Productions Family Show Award



"A unique and mesmerising cocktail of stand-up, dance, poetry and song" The Sunday Times 

“The whole show is a bit like a massive party… a deeply personal, heartfelt and honest piece of performance art.” Noises Off