“When I had my first period I thought I’d shat myself.”
"My boyfriend says my mum eats too many double deckers."
“I think my housemate’s planning to murder me…”

Wendy, Melissa and Mavis, three liberal women enjoying the foul, abject horror of their early twenties, have a lot to say. They're underpaid, overworked and by god, if they have to start a lame-ass sharing group to be heard, they will. Like any organised activity in Britain, there are tears, an accidental murder and copious amounts of guilt about global warming (and maybe also the murder…only joking, who cares!?....nah but we do.....HAHA NO WE DON' but seriously, we're not psychopaths....or are we? 


Winners of the New Diorama First Devised Show award, and the East 15 graduate award for their comedy play Leaf, Potter & Wagner have returned to London with new show bitter, shortlisted for the LET award 2018. 

Potter and Wagner are known for tackling social issues through a very British style of comedy that focuses on the banal and yet specific things that everyone experiences. ​ As quintessentially British as the queen eating her roast dinner off a Boris bike seat (perish the thought!)

In our latest show ‘Bitter’, we aim to present the ever relevant topic of feminism through original music, unashamedly truthful female characters, and dry wit.

Twitter: @potterandwagner               #bittertheplay
Facebook: /potterandwagner


“Hidden Gem” – Fringe Review

“Comedy bombast at its most fluent & foppish best.” – Mumble Theatre

“Fabulously odd and laugh out loud funny” – Fat Rascal Theatre

“Completely made my fringe. By far the best show I’ve seen” - Audience Review

Potter & Wagner have previously won the New Diorama Theatre First Devised Show Award and the 2017 East 15 New Companies Award and were nominated fir the LET award with their show bitter