New Diorama Launch Pioneering Artist Development Scheme

12 February 2016

New Diorama were by the overwhelming response after the launch of our ambitious, new Artist Development Programme we were completely stunned by the huge response we received.

When we launched our 2016 Artist Development Programme, here at New Diorama we were completely astonished by the huge response we received. In the office we’ve been inundated with emails, phone calls, tweets and visits from artists and theatres from all across the country wanting to talk to us, congratulate us and find out how they can get involved.

With the plan being described in the press and on social media as "blindingly innovative and completely game changing”, we’re delighted that, since launching, it has been downloaded over 25,000 times and read many, many more.

We've outlined below the speficially desinged schemes, programmes and funds which can give you an insight into how we’re going to support, champion and guide theatre companies our audiences have loved seeing on stage here at New Diorama.

Alternatively If you want to take a look through the full Artist Development Programme brochure please click here

For Companies We've Never Worked With Before...

Central to our mission at New Diorama is finding brand new, exciting theatre companies to work with and develop.

We're always on the look-out for new approaches from groups from all across the UK who want to come and work with us in Central London. In order to make this possible, we have created a number of ways that groups we have never worked with before can bring themselves to our attention and perform at New Diorama.

These opportunities start for theatre companies who are just about to leave education - our NSDF Pickles Fund provides vital support to groups who need financial help to enter, and then showcase, their work at National Student Drama Festival.

Our Graduate Companies Programme equips the best graduating student groups with the skills and contacts to keep making their work professionally, once they've left full-time education.

Through our Two Night Stand Scheme we're making it possible for regional theatre companies to showcase their work in London - removing all the costs of performing in the Capital and gifting them 100% of their box-office takings as an investment into their work.

And, through INCOMING Festival, our annual celebration of emerging theatre ensembles from around the UK, co-curated with A Younger Theatre, we provide a great opportunity to get your work seen by New Diorama's team and a chance to bring your work to new, enthusiastic audiences for whom all tickets are just £5.

Finally, New Diorama are pro-actively looking to work with new Black, Asian, Ethnic Minority and Refugee theatre companies and are investing to provide 30 weeks of free rehearsal and development space a year - no strings attached - so that these groups can bring their ideas and creative visions to fruition - with our BAMER Companies Project.

For Theatre Companies We Already Have A Relationship With...

New Diorama support over 50 theatre companies each year in a variety of different ways.

Once a theatre company is programmed into our main theatre season we normally make a multi-year commitment to support your work, allowing groups to plan, build an audience and work on securing longer-term funding.

Once you are part of our family of theatre-makers there are many added benefits - including the regular party and networking nights, which give groups a chance to see each other's work, and a list of new support schemes.

Highlights from our 2016 Artist Development Programme will be:

Our Cash Flow Fund: a bank for theatre companies, will provide interest-free loans to our supported companies to help them grasp opportunities they otherwise wouldn't have the up-front money to access.

Our new Female Leadership Fund sees us tackling the lack of female artistic directors in our industry by investing in the skills and confidence of talented, emerging female leaders early in their careers.

We're broadening the artistic horizons of our supported artists by allowing them to travel and see work that otherwise they'd never had the chance to experience with our European Travel Grants.

Our Artist Development Partners

New Diorama works with theatres and producers across the UK.

Working with each of our partner venues, we want to make sure that brilliant artists from all over the UK have the chance to access our ladder of support.

Together we will share new ideas around Artist Development and provide a substantial, nationwide network to benefit our early-career artists.

New Diorama’s 2016 Artist Development Partners Are:


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