New Diorama Announces First Community Partners

Tuesday, 25 November, 2014

New Diorama are proud to announce our first four Community Partners, deepening our relationship with people who live and work in our local area.

Since opening, New Diorama has had a close working relationship with our surrounding community. We've always wanted New Diorama to be a world-class theatre and we've always known that meant being a world-class local theatre.

Serving as the creative hub of West Euston since 2010, we make available free space so that local organisations, groups and charities can perform, rehearse and express themselves without any barriers. We also provide creative opportunities for disadvantaged and minority groups, young and old, from all backgrounds in our surrounding area. Chosen by the Mayor of Camden as her offical charity in 2012/13, in recognition for the success of our community work, we have continued to build on our local programming with the support of British Land.  

In 2014, we've been committed to taking this work to the next level. We want to publicly celebrate and commit to those groups we've been working with over the years, to cement our relationships and find new ways of working together. New Diorama's first community partners are:

Fitzrovia Youth In Action – FYA and New Diorama began an exciting partnership this year in order to provide young people in the Fitzrovia area with a space to perform, workshop and showcase their creative work.

In their own words, FYA "support local disadvantaged young people in developing projects which address the issues they care about, such as community cohesion, healthy living, conflict, drugs, and alcohol."

Third Age Project – TAP have been working with New Diorama since we first opened. New Diorama have provided the space and time to present an annual Pantomime, performances for International Older People's Day and other events.

Third Age Project is a company reaching out to an older generation in our community who find themselves alone, offering creative opportunities to bring people together.

True Heart Theatre – Situated only a stones-throw from China Town and with West Euston and Camden being home to a thriving Asian population (22% of our local community is made up of people from Asian backgrounds), New Diorama actively secured a longstanding and close relationship with True Heart Theatre. Since 2006 True Heart have been creating a platform for British Chinese and East-Asian faces & voices to be seen & heard through work in mainstream scripted productions and in applied theatre contexts.

Hosting free community playback theatre performances and bi-lingual plays, New Diorama's Artistic and Executive Director is currently Chair of the Trustees of True Heart Theatre. 

West Euston Partnership - The first community partnership ever made by New Diorama, WEP was was set up by local people in 1992 to help make the area a better place to live and work.

Two of New Diorama Theatre's Trustees are also on board of West Euston Partnership and there is a strong and active dialogue between the two organsations.

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