Travel Grants

New Diorama is expanding this programme out of Europe, for our supported artists who can demonstrate how such a trip would signicantly impact their artistic practice in a deep and meaningful way. 

Europe creates the most vibrant, exciting and daring theatre in the world. However, few early-career artists can afford to visit their European counterparts to gain inspiration and new ideas. And, with the world becoming a smaller place, many of our companies are developing an affinity with artists making work in Asia, America and elsewhere.

New Diorama is providing travel grants for theatre companies who would significantly benefit from travelling within Europe to see an international company who would not normally tour their work to the UK. New Diorama will buy travel, accommodation and tickets for NDT supported companies who can clearly demonstrate how such a trip would impact their work and practice in a deep and meaningful way.

As well as seeing work, New Diorama will endeavor to set up meetings so that visiting companies can get a greater insight into how theatre is made and functions in the country and venues they visit.

New Diorama supported companies can apply three times a year for travel grants to see work in Europe essential for their development.

“There are other travel grants, but the restrictions on them make applications rather limiting and not particularly relevant to our work. I have many fond memories of our trip; we still refer back to it and have done frequently through our recent period of organisational development.”

Rachel Valentine Smith The Faction.