Theatre companies across the UK are often unable to undertake longer runs in London because of crippling theatre rents in the capital. Groups are also nding it impossible to raise money for organisational security and reserves.

Each season New Diorama provide two weeks that are gifted to artists completely free of charge, with companies receiving all of the box office, receiving free PR and technical support.

We aim this support at companies at a critical moment – those who are at the stage of needing to build reserves, undergo signicant development or free themselves of historical debt that might be hampering their artistic progress.

Each company also receive 100% of the box office from their week of performances, as well as free press support (from Borkowski Arts and Ents)technical support and marketing help.

The result is that companies can develop brand new ideas in a central London location, making potentially thousands of pounds from box office sales to invest back into their work.


“Gifted weeks from NDT have been essential for Rhum and Clay’s development. It is the best opportunity offered to a company like us in London. This has been invaluable to the growth of the company.”

Rhum and Clay