Female Leadership Fund

While the gender inequality gap is slowly narrowing, theatre still needs more female artistic directors and leaders.

New Diorama has committed to extra investment and championing of our female producers, directors and artistic directors by providing funds for leadership and personal development. Previous recipients have undertaken action learning training, coaching development and Clore Leadership Programme courses, all paid for by New Diorama.

New Diorama has also launched an all-female action learning set, allowing our most promising women leaders to meet regularly, discuss their professional ambitions and work together to and the best way of realising them. 

“That there’s so much happening that’s directly sexist and misogynistic, and I can’t say anything because I’m representing a company. I realised that without a course like this, there’s so much rage and anger that you’re not taught how to channel. So this fund is a really good thing!”

Ellice Stevens, Breach Theatre.