Cash Flow Fund 

Time and again we’ve seen talented companies forced to turn down career- changing opportunities that they’ve been unable to take advantage of because of temporary lack of funds – a problem common with small companies in all industries. Whether it’s presenting work at festivals, touring or taking their work internationally, often vital funds are only released at the end of a project, long after costs need to be paid out.

NDT have pioneered a new fund especially to help our supported companies overcome these hurdles. Since its inception, the Cash-Flow Fund has provided more than £200,000, interest free, and as part of this programme, we’re increasing the limit that we can lend at any one time to £12,000, boosting the number of artists we can support. 

Whether the opportunity is presenting work at a festival or touring nationally, when the income from a project is only available after the expenditure has taken place, so many companies are forced to turn down career-changing opportunities.

This fund has already helped companies take smash-hit shows to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, tour to venues where performance guarantees are provided after actor salaries need to be met, and has bridged the gap when funding is secured but provided after a project has been completed.


"There are no other funds available like this and without the loan we wouldn’t have been able to showcase the production. Without the trusting aid of New Diorama we certainly wouldn’t be where we are now."
Kill The Beast