INCOMING Festival is a celebration of the best emerging theatre in the UK.

With festivals like Edinburgh getting more expensive year-on-year, there are few affordable opportunities for early-career theatre companies from around the UK to come together, en masse, to share work and audiences.

Partnering with A Younger Theatre, INCOMING Festival is great for theatre companies, with each receiving a fee of over £400 and half of their box office takings, as well as being excellent for new audiences, with all tickets priced at only £5. The festival has proved great at attracting new, hard-to-reach audiences for theatre, with the majority of productions selling-out. 


In 2018, INCOMING is partnering with HOME, delivering the festival and programme simultaneously in both London and Manchester, offering more opportunities for artists, attracting more audiences and making more of an impact than ever before. 


"INCOMING Festival was a pivotal step in our development. The chance for us to invite people to an acclaimed venue like New Diorama with the stamp of INCOMING Festival attached was crucial in our growth." 

Babel Theatre